Skin Care

“Let us pamper and ease you into a state of peace, relaxation and tranquility with one of our personalized facial treatments.”

Serene Haven’s Customized Facial Treatment
Pampering yourself with a facial tailored to individual skin needs, this treatment will rejuvenate all skin types. It combines skin analysis, deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a treatment mask. A blend of moisturizers hydrates the skin, leaving it absolutely glowing. Stress melts away with a relaxing massage to the face, neck, shoulders and arms. Results are a revitalized, smoother, healthier looking complexion.

1 treatment $110
3 treatments $264
Acne Facial Treatment
A gentle facial treatment to help with spots, blackheads and blemishes, while helping to improve the texture and appearance of skin. This hydrating treatment also helps to control bacteria and excess oil production appropriate for problematic skin types, as well as occasional breakouts. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

1 treatment $95
3 treatments $228

Glycolic Facial Treatment
This treatment uses glycolic acid to help gently refine and smooth skin texture. It also helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, increase the rate of cell renewal and delicately exfoliates surface skin cells to reveal a younger, healthier-looking complexion without stripping or drying the skin. Essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients help fortify and revive dull, tired-looking skin, as well as sun and environmentally damaged skin. This treatment is relaxing to the mind, body and spirit as it is invigorating to the skin.

1 treatment $110
3 treatments $264
Sensitive Skin Facial Treatment
This specialized facial soothes irritated and reddened skin. It is also ideal for clients with a low tolerance for skin care products. Specialized gentle cleansing, hydrating and nurturing steps are taken to calmly rejuvenate fragile skin, leaving a glowing complexion. The treatment helps to appease irritation and reduce inflammation without clogging pores. Skin will experience a calm renewed moisture balance that is sure to last.

1 treatment $100
3 treatments $240

Anti-Aging Facial Treatment
A results-oriented anti-aging treatment to help rejuvenate, refine and lift fatigued and sallow complexions resulting from chronological and environmental skin aging. A powerful blend of anti-oxidants, including alpha lipoic, vitamins A & E and vitamin C help combat free radicals. You will immediately notice a youthful glow.

1 treatment $135
3 treatments $324
Vitamin C Facial Treatment
This amazing treatment hydrates and purifies the skin utilizing Vitamin C enriched with antioxidants to help repair and prevent free radical damage. Enjoy this relaxing and invigorating treatment that will make your skin supple and soft. The essential oils and aromatherapy benefits will give your skin a radiance you will notice.

1 treatment $105
3 treatments $252

Mini Facial Treatment

A good alternative to glycolic peel for the customer who wants a smooth yet effective peel. It combines natural fruit enzymes from papaya and pineapple to effectively exfoliate and enhance anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents for a refined, retextured appearance of the skin. Can be used for sensitive skin.

1 treatment $75
3 treatments $180


Microdermabrasion is a non-aggressive skin resurfacing procedure performed to remove imperfections without the harsh use of chemicals. This is one of the most advanced and effective treatments that accelerates the natural process of epidermal cell regeneration using micro crystals to gently remove dead surface skin cells and improves skin texture. You will see a reduction in pigmentation, scarring, fine lines, large pores, age spots, sun damage and dehydrated skin. Maximum benefits are recognized after a series of sessions. Facial included.

1 treatment $150
3 treatments $380